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Game-changing partnership made in Europe


HarfangLab, Sekoia and Pradeo launch a strategic alliance for extended and unified cyberdefence.

HarfangLab, SEKOIA and Pradeo, three European cybersecurity software experts, have announced an alliance at the FIC, the leading European event, around a unified and extended cybersecurity software offering. By combining the cutting-edge expertise of each company, the offer will ensure a high degree of security whilst preserving maximum agility.

At a time when cyber attacks are evolving at a rapid pace and never cease to strike, security managers are faced with a dual challenge: to protect the entirety of their information system while being able to effectively thwart attacks, regardless of their modus operandi. While all-in-one cybersecurity solutions offer fallible protection due to a lack of specific expertise, deploying multiple solutions for the variety of architectures and operating systems found within an organisation can be very time-consuming.

The combination of three leading technologies

By regularly exchanging with cyber threat detection, response and analysis vendors around the world, HarfangLab, Pradeo and Sekoia were well placed to benchmark their respective competencies for partnership. Each of the members of the trio has developed a state-of-the-art technology in its own field that is highly effective in the face of current cyber threats. The choice of this partnership is therefore a result of their respective excellence and complementarity. Indeed, it is possible to integrate HarfangLab EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response), a threat detection technology for desktops and servers, with Pradeo's mobile fleet protection, through the SEKOIA.IO XDR extended detection and response platform driven by cyber threat intelligence.

In every organisation, the data stored in the information systems can be accessed from a variety of devices (computers, corporate and personal mobiles...). Thus, a simple security flaw on one of the links in the chain can cause a disastrous cyber attack. This strategic partnership founded on enhanced technological integration is a result of the Open XDR platform, a unique project that won the Grand Défi cyber award.

An open partnership

By entering into this partnership, HarfangLab, Sekoia and Pradeo are committed to commonvalues of transparency and openness, and are ready to welcome other partners of excellence in their field of expertise to achieve ever more user-friendly and effective cybersecurity.

Together, HarfangLab, Pradeo and Sekoia want to guarantee cybersecurity professionals the best of both worlds, specialised technology within a unified interface. The joint solution allows companies to benefit from an integrated and seamless solution that protects all desktops and servers, mobiles and automates alerting and incident response without complicating cyber risk management.