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Paris, 12 October 2021 – At the leading industry event “Les Assises de la Sécurité”, 5 major players in the European cyber ecosystem - SEKOIA, HarfangLab, Pradeo, GLIMPS, Vade, announced the creation of OPEN XDR PLATFORM. Designed with customer in mind, the aim is to federate cybersecurity expertise within a unified solution, to streamline deployment and strengthen the organisations' cyberdefence.

Innovative cybersecurity technologies in a platform.

With the rise in cyber attacks and the sophistication of techniques used by cyber criminals, organisations' security leaders are relying on numerous tools to manage the detection and response to cyber threats. However, deploying multiple solutions with little or no integration quickly becomes time-consuming and can reduce the effectiveness of cyber operations.

Based on this observation, five software vendors who excel in their specific areas of cyber security have brought together their expertise in a joint solution. OPEN XDR PLATFORM provides a concrete and immediate response to the growing need to simplify and unify.

In doing so, each player provides its specific technology within a single operational interface, where security leaders can flexibly compose a tailor-made offering, among the following functionalities:

• Federated XDR, Cyber Threat Intelligence, Security Orchestration Automation and Response(SOAR) by SEKOIA

• Endpoint Detection & Response by HarfangLab

• Mobile Threat Defense by Pradeo

• Malware analysis by GLIMPS

• Email Threat Detection & Response by Vade.

A platform with European ambitions.

OPEN XDR PLATFORM is an extension of the partnership initiated by SEKOIA, HarfangLab and Pradeo last September to offer a unified and extended cyberdefence. With its specialised, complementary and interoperable cyber security solutions, the platform is already able to leverage one of the largest private Cyber Threat Intelligence team in Europe.

Each of the selected players provides the cyber ecosystem with the assurance of proven, innovative and leading-edge technologies, recognised by their peers and customers, while adhering to the common values of excellence, transparency and collaboration.

"GLIMPS' participation in the OPEN XDR PLATFORM is a natural extension of our collaboration with other French cybersecurity players who are experts in their fields.

The diversity and complementarity of the offers on the platform responds to an ever-growing need for detection and response to incidents for companies and administrations.
OPEN XDR PLATFORM now meets the concrete needs of users looking for 360° and sovereign protection.

GLIMPS is delighted to be part of this unique and 100% customer-oriented project."


"The complexity of cyber attacks is constantly increasing; it is often distributed over several vectors simultaneously.

Their detection and remediation requires cross-intelligence between the various components of the security system.Open XDR platform is an initiative that allows companies and MSSPs to remain in control with an open solution, made up of "best-of-breed", while benefiting from this cross intelligence.

Open XDR is a necessary evolution."