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The genesis of OPEN XDR PLATFORM.


The "macro project" OPEN XDR PLATFORM, initially carried by Harfanglab, receives the confidence and support of the national authorities.

In February 2021 France unveiled plans to bolster defences against the ever-growing cyber attacks. Part of the investment budget was allocated to eleven of the most promising start-ups in the cybersecurity industry, including HARFANGLAB, SEKOIA and GLIMPS. HarfangLab has been chosen by the French government as one of the national champions of the cyber challenge entitled ‘Grand Défi Cyber’. Traditionally focused on developing EDR software (Endpoint Detection and Response), HarfangLab has been selected for its visionary "OPEN XDR PLATFORM" project, reflecting the very essence of the challenge launched by the government: the winning projects "should be "macro-projects" grouping together as coherent, but independent sub-projects", to make these projects interoperable "to enable the emergence of tangible, more visible, fully interoperable and completely global solutions".

The foundations were laid for a new vision of development. HarfangLab EDR was already renowned for the openness of its solution, which seamlessly integrates with other security bricks through its APIs. Next came the mission to innovate and strive ceaselessly for greater performance while improving operational efficiencies. This effort needed to break down silos by encouraging cross-product and cross-team cooperation and collaboration. Digital business initiatives contribute to new cybersecurity risks that traditional cybersecurity set ups are not prepared to address. Cybersecurity teams struggle to treat cybersecurity as a collaborative, comprehensive effort, and resulting in security awareness gaps in the organisation.

Providing a unified platform can fill these gaps and contribute to a federated cyber ecosystem.

Then came the convergence of key players to join forces and collaborate for a common purpose to counter global threats. Some of these players had themselves received awards and financial support from the government in the same context and were well positioned to participate in the realisation of OPEN XDR PLATFORM project.

Thing were made easier by the fact that these different experts in their field already shared "open by design" architecture in the products and the fundamental value of transparency.

Concrete areas to enable a coordinated action have been identified and R&D teams engaged in the development. This was the beginning of a new centralised capacity to deliver unified detection and response.



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