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The Manifesto.


OPEN XDR PLATFORM : The intentions, the framework.

The European cybersecurity industry is facing a new world. One that will shape the next decade of innovation and protection. One that will orient security policy and posture. One on which every security player needs to take a stance.

Most software and hardware vendors are moving towards a common objective: providing an efficient and affordable protection. Providers of security for endpoints, network appliances, and mobile devices are looking to move up the value chain and provide a broader perspective to embrace wider threats and vulnerabilities. Yet those from monitoring and log management or from analytics are willing to refine the resolution of their data to pinpoint ever sneakier threats and ever more discrete intrusions. The former move from expertise to perspective, the latter from oversight to insight.

With this challenge, customers’ fundamental security need has not changed: obtain the best possible protection of their organisation, within financial and human resources. Therefore, the industry is facing a choice: consolidation versus federation.

Through consolidation, the wide range of expertise required to face modern and complex attacks is rounded up behind a common gatekeeper. One vendor to orchestrate all components: when one vendor is holding the keys to the entire security setup of an organisation, that organisation relinquishes any possibility of introspection, thus any possibility of mastering their exposure. Consolidation is even introducing a major weakness as a single point of failure is created. The organization opting for a native end-to-end solution is also running the risk of vendor lock-in.

Through federation, the same range of expertise all come together around a shared common goal (protecting the organisation) without any one being a gatekeeper. As an alliance of excellence, they provide to each customer the optimal security while preserving the customers’ self-sovereignty:

  • to each bespoke context their own bespoke setup, as they thus choose. Federation is the way to bring these various experts together without having the customers pay for the horrendously expensive professional services.
  • A federation works around a common set of values and interfaces, both organisational and technical, that enable the seamless compatibility of each with all.

Today, we would like to bring these values of openness, transparency and collaboration into motion.

Today, we are announcing the launch of the OPEN XDR PLATFORM.

  • Open, because this is the condition for fostering trust and together maintaining customers’ digital independence.
  • XDR, because detection and response is not a technology, but a goal, that can only be attained by ever extending the capacities of existing solutions to tackle ever-expanding attack surface and ever-growing threats.
  • Platform, because this is a fellowship of equals who share a common purpose of building a unified security incident detection and response platform that automatically collects and correlates data from multiple security components.

Our shared mission is to enable everyone with the acquisition of a simple and efficient cybersecurity solution, in other words, to enable each and every security leader to federate their cyberdefence.

Today, Sekoia, HarfangLab, Pradeo, Vade, GLIMPS, and possibly more to come, pledge to collectively provide the best protection, with improved experience, while guaranteeing full transparency, to all organisations operating digital assets.

To reach this goal, OPEN XDR PLATFORM will design, maintain and distribute standards, both technical and organisational, enabling any member to seamlessly and transparently connect anddeploy together. This set of standards defines the OPEN XDR PLATFORM.

If your solution can contribute to the operational excellence of Open XDR Platform,
join our alliance now to be one of the founders of an open, transparent and collaborative cyberdefence.