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What we do

1 — We share !

The alliance is set to grow into one of the largest private CTI teams in Europe, with each partner adhering to common values:
openness, transparency, collaboration and provides technology excellence recognised by peers and endorsed by the cyber ecosystem.
R&D excellence
When building an XDR, it is essential to make the right choice of products.

While Open XDR platform does not claim to have benchmarked all the products and technologies, our partners have been carefully selected on proven technology and ability to innovate.
Data integrity
Cybersecurity solutions are intrusive by nature and can lead to unauthorised access.

Within individual products and across the platform we ensure to maintain the confidentiality and availability of company data in a manner consistent with regulatory compliance.
Open by Design
We collaborate with partners who share our open and inclusive approach to innovation: the combination of co-creation and open by design technology todeliver more value to customer while reducing overall costs.

2 — We act !

Choose the best-of-breed technologies.

OPEN XDR PLATFORM is built on best-of-breed technologies all selected for the excellence of their R&D and capacity to co-create to bring to customers a unified solution perfectly fit for its needs.
Each provider brings a deep, domain-specific functionality which mutually enhances the solution for improved detection and faster response to combat modern threats.

As a single tool.

Traditionally centered on laptops, workstations, and mobile devices, cybersecurity needs to evolve to cover more controls in order to counter the ever-growing attack surface.
Yet more comprehensive cyberdefence should not come at the price of operational complexity for the operations.
OPEN XDR PLATFORM project team has set out realistic and actionable targets that will cascade to a fully integrated platform benefitting from a multi-tiered defence and a single pane management.

Security able to grow.

Our purpose-built platform is designed for all types of business, those who wish to deploy the full stack or alternatively those looking to integrate individual bricks gradually depending on the existing products already in place or various contract expiration dates.
The good news it will work seamlessly whether deployed à la carte or as a full stack. Less costly than integrated products, bricks can be added as and when needed or according to budget availability.
All combinations can work in the existing environment and yet be ready to scale.