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Gatewatcher joins the OPEN XDR PLATFORM


OPEN XDR PLATFORM is a technology partnership now consisting of SEKOIA, Harfanglab, Pradeo, Glimps, Vade and Gatewatcher.

Paris, November 16, 2021 - Gatewatcher, the French champion of cyber threat detection and designer of the AIONIQ detection and response platform, today joins the Open XDR Platform partnership in which five publishers, each of which excels in complementary areas of cybersecurity, have already combined their expertise.

OPEN XDR PLATFORM aims to combine cybersecurity expertise in a unified solution to simplify deployment and strengthen the cyber defence of organisations. The initiative, which brings together several European players, is a response to the sector's sovereignty issues.

"Each selected player provides the cyber ecosystem with the assurance of cutting-edge, innovative and proven technologies, recognised by their peers and customers, while adhering to the common values of excellence, transparency and collaboration. Gatewatcher's expertise in intrusion detection is a real asset for the OPEN XDR PLATFORM," explains Grégoire Germain, CEO and co-founder of Harfanglab.

Thus, each player provides its specific technology within a unique and operational interface, where security managers can flexibly compose a tailor-made offer, among the following functionalities:

• Federated XDR, Cyber Threat Intelligence, and Security Orchestration (SOAR) by SEKOIA

• Endpoint Detection & Response, by HarfangLab

• Mobile Threat Defense, by Pradeo

• Malware analysis, by GLIMPS

• Email Threat Detection & Response, by Vade

• Network Detection & Response, by Gatewatcher

Gatewatcher strengthens the OPEN XDR PLATFORM's ability to provide specialised, complementary and interoperable cybersecurity solutions with its expertise and culture of innovation in network attack detection. Indeed, with its new NDR AIONIQ product, Gatewatcher enables enterprises to:

• Strengthen the detection of advanced intrusions at strategic entry points of corporate networks;

• Benefit from a unique user and asset mapping capability to enable SOC analysts to provide highly detailed investigations into the origin of attacks;

• Benefit from an advanced and facilitated analysis opportunity through machine learning.

"With the cloud, mobility and agile infrastructures, organisations must deal with the many faces of cyber-attacks. By joining the unique Open XDR initiative, Gatewatcher and its partners offer best-in-class solutions that enable enterprises and MSSPs to achieve comprehensive risk coverage for optimised detection and response. The sharing of information with other components of the OPEN XDR PLATFORM provides an enhanced response capability for our customers," said Jacques de La Rivière, CEO of Gatewatcher.

About Gatewatcher

Gatewatcher is the European leader in intrusion detection and advanced threat detection. Since 2015, Gatewatcher has been protecting the critical networks of large companies and public institutions. Our solutions provide an immediate improvement to current cybersecurity challenges and a tailored response to the growing threat detection needs of organisations.

Our vision is to offer a flexible, scalable, innovative and open approach to new technologies and artificial intelligence without disrupting the existing architecture. But also to facilitate the operations of CyberSecurity teams to enable them to be more efficient in prioritising their remediation actions.